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Local lawn Care Company Near me? | How to get Your lawn greener

If you are looking for a lawn care company in the Hornchurch, Upminster or Romford area then we can help.

At GrassHoppers INC we are dedicated to creating and re making a green, healthy and thick lawn.

So.. how do you create a greener lawn exactly? 


Its easy, well for us anyway! We offer two services. The Standard Program and the essential program. 


The standard program will offer five treatments per season and this is applied in a granular formula that is then watered into the lawn. Each treatment comes with different ingredients to make sure the grass has what it needs when it needs it, such as in the summer its going to need more nitrogen to help it grow. And in the winter it will need more phosphorous for the roots to stay strong.  

The essentials program offers the same five lawn programs but also adds machine work to scarify the lawn and then over seed it creating a thicker more moss free lawn. 

If you are interested in speaking with us just take a look into the treatments here or contact us here

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