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Aqua Enhancement


Lawn Feeling Dry?

Yellow Patches in the lawn?



Our new Aqua Enhancement Treatment will provide your lawn with a new water management system. 

This will help the lawn retain moisture through dry conditions that we have in the summer time. 

So what is this and how does it work?


  • Stage 1 



The first stage will be machine aeration once this is complete, air pores in your soil to help water move more freely, allowing the flow of nutrients and oxygen in the air to aid root respiration. 


  • Stage 2


GrassHoppers Aqua Enhancment Treatment


Our Aqua Enhancement can help maintain turf quality through periods of dry weather by maximizing the effectiveness of irrigation or rainfall. 

The unique surfactant formulation helps water penetrate and spread through the soil and provides good water retention to maintain a healthy plant and a quality surface.

  • Improves water use efficiency 

  • Reduces incidence of dry patch formation.

  • Protects turf quality through periods of dry conditions.


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