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Lawn Scarification

At GrassHoppers INC we love helping our customers achieve a great lawn. We transform a terrible lawn into a beautiful lush green one. This is why we created our lawn rejuvenation service

So what is scarification and how does it help your lawn become its best? 

Scarification removes organic matter from around the base of the grass and tidy up any straggly lateral growth. In a nutshell, scarification removes material, probably in the form of thatch or moss that will otherwise prevent good dense grass growth.

We would recommend this service to be carried out in the spring and autumn but we can still achieve great results in the summer time as long as the grass is watered regularly. 

This service combined with our Seasonal treatment package will get your grass looking as healthy and lush as possible. 

Lawn Scarification
GrassHoppers INC Scarify
Green Lawn Seasonal Treatments

The images above is a client we offered our Rejuvenation service to . 

This included weed treatment, scarification, aeration and over seeding with some top dressing.

it took around 3-4 weeks from photo one to photo two and the customer loves it! 

We also offered them our automatic watering system. The system is plugged into the outside tap and then set to water the grass twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon for 30 minutes  per session. 

This system will be offered to anyone that takes our Rejuvenation Service so let us know if you are interested. 

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